Friday, December 3, 2010

Glittery Trees

Here's a craft that not only looks good but is environmentally friendly too

Tools and Materials
- Old magazines
- Gold spray paint (or choose another colour if you'd like)
- Glitter to match/compliment your spray paint

1 - Play around with your magazine to break the spine
2 - Starting with the cover and working your way throughout the entire magazine, fold each page down by folding the top-right corner down to the spine
3 - Next go back to the cover and fold each page in half (the magazine should look like a tie when you're finished)
4 - Once again go back to the cover and fold in the triangle at the bottom of each page (tuck the point of the triangle into the page)
5 - Fan out the magazine pages so that the tree can stand up on its own
6 - Spray paint your tree and then immediately sprinkle the tree with glitter, let dry

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