Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Glass Ball Ornaments

Tools and Materials
- Gallery Glass window paint colours; Snow white, kelly green, ruby red
- Gallery Glass Leading Blanks
- Large, round glass ornaments
- Lined paper
- Tape
- Craft knife
- Red, green and white ribbon of varying widths
- Scissors

1 - Place a sheet of Leading Blank on top of your lined paper and tape securely.
2 - Using one colour at a time, trace multiple lines with your Gallery Glass window paints. Squeeze the bottles lightly so as not to make your lines too wide. Let it dry overnight.
3 - Clean and dry the ornaments and remove the ornament hangers. Using your craft knife, carefully peel the dried lines of window colour away from your leading blank and apply them to the glass ball. If desired place drops of the window colour directly onto the ornament for the Christmas tree embellishment. Let it dry.
4 - Replace the hangers and attach the coordinating ribbons.

*If your Christmas tree is decorated with a different colour scheme don't be afraid to swap the colours mentioned to match yours.

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