Friday, December 10, 2010

Candy Sticks

Here's a fun way to add a little pazazz to your candy sticks. It's a nice compliment to any tasty treat gift you give away this year too!

- Candy sticks; colour/flavour of your choice
- Nonpareils or small candies (found at any Bulk Barn)
- White chocolate
- Water
- Small pot
- Heat safe bowl (that is bigger than your pot)
- Soup bowl
- Cookie sheet or tray
- Waxed paper

1 - Melt the white chocolate using a bain-marie (place the water in the heat safe bowl, put a good inch or 2 of water in your pot, place the bowl with the chocolate over the pot, heat the chocolate slowly until melted)
2 - In the meantime, cover your cookie sheet with some waxed paper
3 - Once the chocolate has melted dip one end of one candy stick in and then gently shake off the excess
4 - Immediately sprinkle the dipped candy stick with your nonpareils (hold the candy stick over the soup bowl while dipping so you don't end up with nonpareils all over your kitchen)

*To package them, consider placing 5 sticks in a clear bag. Fold over the open end of the bag and secure it with tape. Attach a tag with colours that compliment the candy sticks. Or pruchase some tall tins at a craft store and wrap some ribbon around them for decoration.

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